Marid Djinn King

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This amazing King Marid Djinn comes from the Oldest of all civilizations. A Djinn so old that he could tell you about the parting of the Red Sea. This Marid was Handed down from generation to generation bound to vessel after vessel. The old gentleman from Lebanon that owned it prior to us has explained that the power is quite unbelievable and should only be used by a qualified practitioner. We would classify this Djinn as a 20+ on a scale of 1 to 15. There is nothing that can not be done by this powerful spirit. This fantastic Marid King controls 15,000 Legions.

They are all at his beck and call to manifest anything imaginable. Buyer beware we are not responsible for anything that is to come from the misuse of this Djinn. This is not the type of item that should fall into the wrong hands or to a novice. When you place this Djinn on your finger you feel the overwhelming power immediately! This is nothing to play around with if you do not have any experience with Djinn. To be forewarned is to be prepared! please allow me 6 days to finish the unlocking/consecration of this Ring for you to your name and birth date.