Djinn/Jinn & Evil Eye Protection Ring

Djinn/Jinn & Evil Eye Protection Ring

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Evil Eye can ruin people in ways unimagined. It is said more than half of the people in the world have had “Evil Eye” on them at one point of time. Evil eye necessarily does not need to be put on someone intentionally. Admiring someone, looking at something beautiful and being in aw can in fact cause the evil eye to be put on someone.

Many Muslim after complementing someone/something always say “Alhamdulilla” meaning praise to God or all praise is due to God as when this said after a compliment it prevents evil eye. Jinns walk among us and if you have read the articles on my website you will know much about Jinns. The ring I present today also protects on from Jinns and the evil caused by Jinns.
This ring is a good “all around protection ring”. I highly suggest it to be worn as a daily ring but as with 99% of my rings/items, there are rules to be followed and