Court Case  Djinn Ring

Court Case Djinn Ring

Court Case  Djinn Ring

Court Case  Djinn Ring by traditional healer Hassan

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Court Case  Djinn Ring

Today I am presenting a truly wonderful item. I have used similar item for years and have had great luck when it came to specific problems, Alhamdulillah (Praise to Allah).  Call  or watsapp traditional healer Dr Hassan +2774 078 2180

The ring I present today has a stone known as “Dur-E-Najaf” found in Najaf al-Ashraf, Iraq. Such stones are found on land, on the riverbeds and this one was found in a riverbed near Najaf Al Ashraf, Iraq.

Hazrat Imam Jaffer as-Sadiq and Imam Hassan al-Askari have said that wearing of Dur-e-Najaf has great thawab (reward). It was stated in the Hadiths, that such stone, alone, without any preparing is a good ailment for the eyes; it creates happiness in the soul, mind and heart. It has also been stated, when wearing this ring, the ones whom look at the wearer will feel happy when they sight the stone, also it can help recall old memories and assist in solving problems, which this stone has been additional prepared to do. Such are stone is very popular in the Middle East and its powers are immense, Alhamdulillah.

Besides all the abilities this stone naturally holds, I have done much additional work to aid the wearers in problem solving and assist in problematic matters, such as court cases.  Everyone in the world has problem, I have them, the great prophets of Allah had them and we all have them. Having such a prepared ring will help greatly when one is dealing with life problems and dealing with court cases. The Proper verses have been embedded in the stone and the proper rituals have been performed, to give the wearer of this ring an extra edge, when it comes to dealing with life problems.

By no means, this ring is supposed to be the answers to all your problems or have someone think they will be problem free as soon as they get the ring, let’s get realistic here. This ring is designed to assist individuals while the individuals do their part to solve the problems they face, not sit back or cut back on their effort, because they think the “magical ring” will do it all.