Djinn Ring of Luck (Opening Doors)

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Regarding Ring Style & Stone: Please note that this is sample image of Ring (with stone). Actual ring can be different in terms of style only (design, shape), but benefit (functionality) will be same as I mentioned below, just different style.
Stone is the heart of “spiritually infused ring” not the ring structure (style/design/shape). Ring goes “out of stock”, more often I usually trade or exchange and pay little more to get new kind of item, due to this reasons, to find and prepare the same style (design) of ring (as previous one) is difficult and hard.

Today I present an item, an item that can assist people in one thing, one thing that I get consistent emails about; “MONEY, FINANCES, OPPORTUNITIES & LUCK”.

Money is very important to many of us. Each and every one of us wants to succeed in life, have opportunity and be in a stable financial position in life. While making items to increase ones wealth is quit difficulty for the mere reason, Allah (swt) has decided what we will get in this life, if you are not meant to be a millionaire, then you will never be a millionaire. Some people can just not comprehend this. They spend a countless amount of dollars trying to become millionaires, not realizing if they just saved the money they are spending on junk, they would be in a better financial state.

Allah (swt) says I will help the one who help themselves, and as I have stated above, Allah (Swt) has decided what we will and won’t have in our lives, but very easily Allah (swt) can change that. If you work hard, Inshallah your hard work will pay off. If you buy items to get you rich and wait for them to get you rich, while doing nothing else, you will continue waiting. HARD WORK IS A MUST.
The item I present today is an item that will give its owner assistance, assistance in opening doors of financial opportunities.

Many of us work hard, and while we are happy with our hard work, we sometimes just need a little break; we just need a door to open for us, a door that will lead us with our hard work, to a better financial state. Inshallah with the will of Allah (swt) this ring can assist you in this.
This ring will increase the wearers luck, and open doors of success and financial opportunity (Allah Swt Willing).
I recommend this ring for:

  • A hard working Individual.

  • An individual who is “IN A POSITION of having an opportunity to succeed”.

What I mean by this is and this is very important, if you are in a field, a field where there is no room for growth and you are not a potential candidate for growth. Then don’t think this ring will miraculously change the universe and put all odds in your favor. In order for a door to open, you have to be in a position where that opportunity for you is possible, where you are a potential candidate for that success. If you are a truck driver, do not think this ring will suddenly open the door for you to be the boss of the company. If you are in a good position, and your hard work is noticed, and there is a promotion along the lines, and you are a candidate for this promotion, then this ring is a good choice for you, or for such a person.