Djinn Ring of the Magi

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I am proud to present one of the finest rings I have ever made. This stunning ring is of solid sterling silver, The stone is the highest quality Afghan Lapis Luzila with a flawless cut and finish. The band is hand made with beautiful intricate fine details. The ring is sized 10.5, as you can see this ring is a giant worthy of royalty.

In years past I have searched for a group of Djinn in the kingdom of the Djinn King Shemhuresh, known to be a Magian Order specializing in Al-Kemia (Alchemy) and Ruhaniat (Magic). Upon contact with the Magian Djinn, I learned of their abilities to infuse specific gem stones with powerful spiritual and magical powers. After years of visitation with this order, I quickly became acquainted and befriended with an Ifrit known as Tareshk. I requested that he empower a few of my personal stones and was totally blown away by the results. Upon agreement I am able to offer to the world, a few one of a kind rings, with beautiful gems empowered by Tareshk.

The empowerment of the stone I will do my best to describe, yet the experiences this ring will provide are numerous. I know personally this ring will heighten your spiritual awareness and psychic abilities, even causing the third eye to involuntarily open at times. The ring draws people to the wearer causing immediate respect to the wearer, and gives the wearer a feeling of empowerment like royalty. The ring heightens your body’s natural healing abilities as well as abilities to heal others.

I cannot fully describe this wonderful ring. I have noticed with these empowered stones that terrestrial djinn are highly attracted to them. This ring can be resized, but I do not recommend resizing due to the highly detailed band.
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