Enemy Djinn Ring

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Today I present a very special item. This ring will take 3 weeks to prepare from day of order and the style of the ring can be different than the one in the photo but stone is same.

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” a very popular line, a very true line. While an individual’s friends look for the best for their friend, an enemy looks to destroy. A friend cares, an enemy can be heartless.  A friend helps while the enemy puts the other in a state; where they could possibly need much help.

We all have enemies in our life. An old friend, a divorced spouse, an old business partner and so on. At time we might not think much of our enemies, but I assure you, our adversaries tend to think of us often and possibly even think of ideas to bring pain and suffering to us.

Today I present a special ring, a ring that will keep us off the mind of our enemies/make the hearts of our opponents soft, while providing protection from the problems our rivals have brought, while providing the best protection and prevention in financial issues brought to us by our enemies.

Many problems can be brought to us from the ones who dislike us/foes, such as love, health and finances, and much more. Making an item that can aide in every problem our enemies bring can be very time consuming, but the ring I present today has an added benefit to help with financial issues that our enemies have brought or wish to bring to us.

This is a wonderful ring and I would highly suggest it for any businessmen or individuals in a field where others can affect their finances.