Fairy Djinn Ring

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I present for your consideration a vibrant Fairy Queen, She has been only recently bound to this vessel and she is 4,300 years old,making her a mature aged fairy in comparison to others! She is one of the funniest, friendliest spirits we have ever encountered,and makes a lasting impression on everyone she encounters – mortal and spirit alike!

She is active, making herself known especially to animals but always in the most kind and loving way! She absolutely loves other spirits, and likes to provide calming auras to all living beings struggling with anxiety! She has the absolute intention of increasing your connection with the divine, and maximizing your intuitive sensory gifts of clairvoyance and psychic abilities! She can bring out the true you, helping you achieve what you know to be your fate! She provides the utmost mental clarity, and can help discern the mental energy circling your mind! As you become consciously aware of her presence over time, she works to discard outdated and negative thoughts about yourself and replace them with positive and focused thoughts on the life you desire and the life you deserve!

Her powerful fiery vibrations help burn away negative emotions by shining her bright light into the darkness! While we all have the absolute highest self-worth, she can you realize your true worth – showing you just how beautiful and amazing you are and she can give great relief from depression and sadness. She shows each person she works with that they are a bright light, with a clear and focused mind! please allow me 6 days to finish the unlocking/consecration of this Ring for you to your name and birth date