IFRIT Djinn Necklace 1800 yrs

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The necklace is from the 1800’s and masterfully crafted in the Ottoman style. This necklace  possesses one of the most powerful Jinn, his strength and power is unimaginable. The necklace is very stunning with an energy of peace and happiness, The master bound a very strong djinn to the necklace as it was his personal companion and assistant in life and work. The djinn is known to be very helpful in fulfilling desires and assisting in occult / metaphysical work such as magical rituals, healing and psychic abilities. The name of the djinn is Huresh Ben Al-ramal and is of good spiritual nature. With this necklace I will provide the buyer with all the appropriate information needed for this necklace including a full guide on owning authentic djinn vessels.

This is a one of a kind item, these type antiques are almost impossible to find and obtain especially outside of the mystical orders of Islam. When you purchase, please allow me 6 days to finish the unlocking/consecration of this necklace for you to your name and birth date.