King  Solomon Djinn Ring

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This is the Ring of Command, it gives your intentions and will power a very large boost. Through the ring you may use your will to command your surroundings. You will be able to influence every aspect of life as well as other people, just remember that you can never take another’s free will away from them. Trying this will back fire.

Your will can never be greater than God’s remember this as well. Each magical symbol has servitor spirits (djinn) and Angels that will serve the intention and will of the master of the ring. The spirits will not be forced to do what they deem as unethical or anything against their beliefs.

This ring will allow you to command all areas of your life and will serve you well, the ring is very powerful but remember with power there is responsibility! Use the ring to utilize planetary magic at it’s fullest! When your purchase this ring, I will ritually charge it to your name so that it will work for you and no one else.This is your chance for all the success and the life that you have dreamed of. When you purchase, please allow me 6 days to finish the unlocking/consecration of this Ring for you to your name and birth date.