Powerful Protection Djinn Ring

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Today I am presenting an item, an item that is very similar to a ring I had listed in the past, called the “Mission Ring”. This item is very similar but about 7x time more powerful, the energy the ring gives off is overwhelming, so this ring cannot be worn as a daily ring.
Throughout our lifetimes we will have to deal with people or confront people who we choose not to, either it be a judge, a president of a large firm, your boss, anyone of power someone that intimidates you, thus causing it very difficult to approach or confront that person, let alone speak.
The ring I have designed today is extremely powerful, it will give the wearer the protection he/she needs, if needed from the person they will be approaching, while giving them charisma that will also be noticed by the opposite party. Such an item is also great for protection from demonic entities and this is due to the type of stone, along with the verses on it, which also provide protection from entities.
A wonderful ring indeed for individuals who work around intimidating people, surely a great item for someone wanting to confront an individual of high power for their wrongdoing.


N.B: Regarding Ring Style & Stone: Please note that this is sample image of Ring (with stone). Actual ring can be different in terms of style only (design, shape), but benefit (functionality) will be same as I mentioned below, just different style.
Stone is the heart of “spiritually infused ring” not the ring structure (style/design/shape). Ring goes “out of stock”, more often I usually trade or exchange and pay little more to get new kind of item, due to this reasons, to find and prepare the same style (design) of ring (as previous one) is difficult and hard.