Solomon Djinn  Necklace

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This hand crafted very fine detailed talisman and chain is solid sterling silver. I found this specific Seal of Solomon in an old Arabic Grimoire by the master Al-Buni. This is the exact seal from his book and every detail is captured in this stunning piece. The Seal of Solomon is for the practitioner of evocational magic (spirit summoning) to wear during ritual. Al-Buni records that this seal is a talisman of authority over spirits, causing them to obey the magician when summoned.

He wrote that the seal is to be worn about the neck in which it will increase the manifestation of the summoned spirit and protect the summoner against attacks from the spirit summoned. He states that this seal can also be worn at all times to protect against spiritual and magical attacks from spirits as well as other practitioners. Each pendant is hand made per order so that I am able to consecrate and complete the proper ritual and recitations that activates the seal, all work is completed before you receive your necklace so that it is completely ready for use as soon as it is delivered. please allow me 6 days to finish the unlocking/consecration of this Necklace for you to your name and birth date.